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How a bold, story-driven digital learning campaign led to thousands of user-generated DEI pledges
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Using digital learning to support inclusive behaviours at work

With a new Head of DEI and inclusion firmly on the strategic agenda, DAZN wasn’t interested in ‘tick box’ training. They recognised that DEI is about empathy and action. So they partnered with Lima Delta - that’s us! - to create a compelling digital learning campaign based on true stories from within. The goal was to inspire and empower their people to behave inclusively.

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Take a look at what went into this award-nominated project.

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Step 1
Identify desired behaviours

Successful learning is about ‘doing’, not just ‘knowing’. So we collaborated with the team at DAZN to understand what ‘more inclusive behavior’ would look like in their workforce. We asked probing questions about the audience and culture in order to understand what would inspire and motivate people to change their behaviour.

Step 2
Make real stories the hero

With an understanding of DAZN’s culture and team spirit characteristics - one of which is Brave - we knew that a safe, generic approach to DEI was not an option. We needed to acknowledge the problems in order to inspire change. So we worked with three brave individuals from across the business who told true stories of where they experienced inequity or exclusion, covering situations such as neurodivergence and being open about sexuality at work.

Step 3
Craft supporting content

The question we hoped the stories would inspire, was “How can I help prevent similar situations from happening again?”. So our next job was to answer that question. We worked closely with DAZN’s Head of DEI to craft videos that unpicked each scenario and supporting content that gave practical tips on how to proactively create inclusive environments. This content was brought to life in four bold, impactful, 10-minute interactive modules.

Step 4
Measure the impact

After iterating on the detail of the content, it was over to DAZN to launch the content - in five languages - and measure the impact. As well as excellent learner feedback and 55% of learners proactively submitting a specific DEI pledge, the learning content contributed to an uptick in how DAZN people rated fair treatment of everyone in the workplace.

“A fantastic course, one of the most thought-out pieces of learning content I've seen in my 20+ year career. The real-life stories are impactful and delivered in a way that is very engaging and clear.”

Executive Vice Chairman


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